Saturday, June 28, 2014

Xtreme King Abdicator - 'Cause you can have fun outside a Republic.

Being a King in a modern country is hard. You have a lot of work to do and subjects to make happy with your Christmas speech. Will you be able to Reign the country of Pravia for 50 years, or will you abdicate sooner by the pressure of the job?

Xtreme King Abdicator, between the parody, the political satire and the fun is a casual game of skill and expertise; You'll face 3 different levels of difficulty during the 9 levels that represent the possible 50 years of your reign (If you can reach that!)

First, the announcement. You can download now (now), for free-for you-forever, Xtreme King Abdicator for Android, just get it here!

Xtreme King Abdicator at Google Play, Now!

Xtreme King Abdicator / Android

It's a skill game, you have the hard job of a King in modern times; Sitting behind a expensive desk, sealing documents, and signing diplomas. (While I was making the game, I'm waiting that my dear new King Felipito VI sign my Philosophy University Diploma.

The same night I released the crappy Lil'Bunny Race, I started working in this Idea.The programming has been like 3 nights and an afternoon, the graphics, the weekend. The graphics provide the narrative thread of the story of this King in the fictional Country of Pravia, from 1980 to 2030, in an age of profuse change of mentality about our government and the way the high caste see life.

My country (Catalonia, Spain) lives in interesting times, but seems not interesting enough. The "silent bulk" of the population wants the monarchic system to persevere, they say. Anyway, I made this homage to the royalty in general , that had make so much for all countries in the late centuries.(Irony off).

I put a lot of love in this game, my first 100% from scratch programming, sound elaborating (The volume is not quite accurate yet, Hope to fix that in future updates), and take a lot of fun making the irreverent graphics.

If you like my work, or this game, please invite me a coffe, at least, I'll be very pleased ;) You can do it down here;
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