Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tabletop Figures 1 - Ancient, is out!

After some months of stop, this August has been and is being a full-work month.

The new 7Ye Model pack is out and two more are coming. Next asset (Tabletop figures 2, a bit different than first realease, is neaby finished)

The first pack of this series is right now in the Unity Asset Store:

Tabletotop Figures: Ancient


 Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset
(This is kinda hig-res!)

Ancient Tabletop Figures contains a lot of detailed abstract units inspired in four great themes. Take a look at the screenshots and Sketchfabs to glimpse his beatuy!. They can fit easily in strategy games, boardgames, as objects or collectibles. Featuring: Four themed sets of six figures, three gameboards and one floating isle terrain.

Figure Sets

Warrior (3 texture variants),
King and Cave.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Hero and Spiral Tower.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset


King and Tower.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Bear (Polar and brown), 
Lion, Shark-Beast (Mythical-Magical),
Elephant and Mammoth.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Boards & Terrain: 
-Floating Isle combat terrain
-Detailed ancient Stone chess 
-Detailed wood hnefatafl (viking chess)
-Casual wood chessboard.

Low poly;
most of them 3k, and more exclusive figures like "kings" and "shamans/queens", 4-5k.

Look at the package: http://u3d.as/yEw
Launch price 12.99$, fairly cheap for the amount of work put to it! 

More to come this month:

-Two more Tabletop figures, more thematically focused (today I'll upload the next one on Unity, and tomorrow start modelling the third Tabletop Figures pack.

Info about general projects:

-I continuee to improve my scriptings skills, honning my abilities in all the projects I told you about in the lasts posts, and putting my fingers onto procedural generation.

Lots of Thanks to:

All my assets buyers! I'm glad my last package 3d Hex Tiles had a shy but good welcome and I got the first technicall questions to reply and was a nice experience ;)

See you very soon!