Saturday, June 28, 2014

Xtreme King Abdicator - 'Cause you can have fun outside a Republic.

Being a King in a modern country is hard. You have a lot of work to do and subjects to make happy with your Christmas speech. Will you be able to Reign the country of Pravia for 50 years, or will you abdicate sooner by the pressure of the job?

Xtreme King Abdicator, between the parody, the political satire and the fun is a casual game of skill and expertise; You'll face 3 different levels of difficulty during the 9 levels that represent the possible 50 years of your reign (If you can reach that!)

First, the announcement. You can download now (now), for free-for you-forever, Xtreme King Abdicator for Android, just get it here!

Xtreme King Abdicator at Google Play, Now!

Xtreme King Abdicator / Android

It's a skill game, you have the hard job of a King in modern times; Sitting behind a expensive desk, sealing documents, and signing diplomas. (While I was making the game, I'm waiting that my dear new King Felipito VI sign my Philosophy University Diploma.

The same night I released the crappy Lil'Bunny Race, I started working in this Idea.The programming has been like 3 nights and an afternoon, the graphics, the weekend. The graphics provide the narrative thread of the story of this King in the fictional Country of Pravia, from 1980 to 2030, in an age of profuse change of mentality about our government and the way the high caste see life.

My country (Catalonia, Spain) lives in interesting times, but seems not interesting enough. The "silent bulk" of the population wants the monarchic system to persevere, they say. Anyway, I made this homage to the royalty in general , that had make so much for all countries in the late centuries.(Irony off).

I put a lot of love in this game, my first 100% from scratch programming, sound elaborating (The volume is not quite accurate yet, Hope to fix that in future updates), and take a lot of fun making the irreverent graphics.

If you like my work, or this game, please invite me a coffe, at least, I'll be very pleased ;) You can do it down here;
Si te gusta mi trabajo, o este juego, invitame a un café almenos, estaré muy agradecido ;) Puedes hacerlo aquí abajo;

Friday, June 20, 2014

Advise for Noob App Developers like me - Run rabbit, I mean, Fly, Bunny!!

So, Yesterday I got this silly idea; Make a tap and fly Bunny inspired Hot Lander version.
Well, two days, it's done. I looked over the ranking contraries in Google Apps.

My new game (game, cause is too silly to be called a game), it's called Lil'Bunny Race (Little Bunny Race). So, she flies (my bunny is a girl.. that's a strange phrase), don't run, but well. When you search "Bunny Race" in Google Play, you directly stomp into more than 40 games of Little and Cute bunnies/rabbits running.

Yes, that what they do; Bunnies that run. They run in 2d, horizontal scrolling, vertically scrolling the screen, or run in 3d. They are rabbits, and they run. more than 40 games in the first 60 ranking results.

Ok, you know, infinite run/fly scrollers get famous for Temple Run, Flappy birds, and that sort of things (in mobile, In PC I can only thing of the fantastic, addictive and VERY HARD BIT TRIP RUNNER, (greeeeat game, awesome music).

Then, On trillion Indie developers, little Mobile money maker companies, and just Oportunity squashers, say "Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh come come come we're gonna make a run game of every animal in the f****ng royal animal kingdom!"

And this is the result. Me, personally, Alarconte, not the little company I represent, 7Ye, I just made another silly game (yes, is a re-skin of Hotlander, with the menus more friendly), to check how weekends, ranking, active installs, total installs, etc, affect apps. (And yes, Advertising Networks) 'Cause there is no much information out there. Yes, there is a LOT information out there, but fraking hard to find (And you know why, Gooog..Gosh!).

But I have to fight to be visible among 40 cute little bunnies and rabbits that run and flight to get carrots, moneny or wathever. THERE ARE GOOD GAMES between them, much better than mine. (but well, none of them have a so sexy bunnylady like mine ;)).

What was the point of this dissertation? Make an original game, like I'm doing with Hearts Date Club (A bit of auto-flattering here, I guess). Put it a good name. Don't try to outrank the well established. Make a game that don't have competitors, and all you have left to do is Marketing. More on the practical aspect of this another day, right now, here you have, as promised!!

Click the link to be transported to a happy dimension, with flying carrots and cute furry-ladies!

Lil'Bunny Race

Click the image just to see it in all its glory!
Happy Carrots and Flying Bunny Girls!

And I have to say, I consider this game lot more fun than Hot Lander, and the gameplay is the same. I think I see progress, here...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two days relax - Good things come to those who wait

Yesterday I thought. "meh, I can just use two days to launch another silly game like the last one , checking in that fashion more about Google Play discoverability (or whatever), ups and downs, ranking etc.

I thought, "meh, Just a Hot Lander re-skin will work.". A voice in my head told me that Socrates said "Remember, what is unbecoming to do is also unbecoming to say". And I just thought "meh..."

Today I was preparing the cradle for my first-born, that is coming very soon, So I've done 1/3 or 1/2 of all the graphics of the game. I hope tomorrow I have time to retrofit Hot Lander's programming and launch the new silly game.

I'm a long way from making a little money from mobile games, not even finished the first serious game (Hearts Date Club) but It's worth the effort; I just wanna get established a little in the publishing-games-for-little-coins-world to get some real free time to work in "big" (or at least interesting, time consuming to program) PC-Games.

At least I'm happy making a new "kind" of graphics (In the time of the last test of the university I began to make Galactic Battlefare Universe Art, in a different way, but that will be the thing for another day), at least for two days. Let me show you a sneak peek; (It's an extra, nobody interesting, but you can see what other "kind" of theme...

Lil' Bunny character

PS: Some blog-testers says that I have too many images and little text. I always thought that One image is worth more than thousand words... Now the only thing I know is that I don't know nothing (thank you Socrates, again)

Final Thought: While I was in university, the most gaming-creative productive moments were when I have a lot of university work. Now that I ended, I have a real need to put me short-term objectives. The first, this little game in two days. If isn't published on friday, I'll let you slap me on the wrist, ripping me to shreds, tweak my ears, or whatever expression is what I'm really trying to use ;)

After this short entry, I think is dinner time. See you!

A little ad:

just and ad

PPS: Is she (photo upthere) is an animal, is she hasn't clothes is a nude? Discuss....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The game that was never meant to be - GBF Games History

After the late and lazy pseudo-release of GBF:Capital Choice (Chapter 1: Escape) in 2008, when I got time again (2011, I was very busy those days), I started the second part of the story, GBF:CC (Chapter 2: Survive!).

A radical change in the scheme, from a point-n-click adventure to a first person graphic text adventure with RPG (survival) components. There is a technical demo (I'll upload it in a near future, along Capital Choice chapter 1).

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Gameplay

Why this game was not meant to be?

-"Hi-quality" pixel art, much better than previous game.
-Engaging "original" (in this age) gameplay.
-All programming made only for this game (non residual code, things made to be efficient).

-Graphics: Too much time consuming for one person, if there are other priorities in the moment
-Programming: I was not an expert; Too long to solve little problems.
-No support/end motivation: Releasing a game this conceptually big for free (no ads, no enough quality (in my opinion those days), without support, and when what I really need to do was focusing in my career, was not motivating enough to bring the game to an end.

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Character Health Changes

A lot of the ideas of the game were pretty good, in my humble opinion. But needed something more.
My personal inspiration was in games like Dune (1992) and other pseudo-modern FP rpg adventures, like B.A.T.

The game was meant to be a survival rpg adventure in a supposedly desert and inhabited planet, fighting to know how to get food and water meanwhile someone is trying to kill you (To know what is this about, you will have to play Capital Choice 1 first). The idea was to get deeper in to the Galactic Battlefare lore and deliver a good sci-fi survival experience.

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Inventory & Dressing room

And why I'm talking about a dead project?

Because the idea of doing a  First Person Adventure with the modern tools I dispose (like Unity3d), is very tempting. But better, a totally new Dungeon Crawlling First Person Sci-Fi RPG. (That's a long name).
The idea of using a Eye of the BeholderWhales Voyage mechanic to create a Galactic Battlefare's game that will show most of my universe lore, it's an overwhelming idea.

In next weeks while I finish Hearts Date Club programming I'll be gambling with the factibility of a project like that, more exactly, balancing what will have more probability of factibility; Finishing GBF Pangaia between this or next year, or a First Person Grid-Based Sci-Fi RPG.

Note: You'll see I added a paypal donation button on the sidebar, as well as some (I hope) non-intrusive ads. Currently I have sparse income; Every little help will be very welcome, I'll use any income on the future of releasing PC and mobile Simulation/RPG/Strategy Sci-Fi games.

Thank you!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A watched pot never boils - Capital Choice (2008)

I'm finishing that temporal priorities that I told you before. Yes, they're are a test. University tests. Exactly, a Philosophy Bioethics test. Yay! 

So the time to sort that stone on the way is two days closer and the right day after (No rest for me.) I'll be starting to end Hearts Date Club's programming.

Not telling you nothing new here, I'm busy, so I'll go direct to the point.

I'm getting some guys to test the first game I made about my Galactic Battlefare universe, to publish it for free here. (a PC Game, a Graphic Adventure!). I made GBF a so expansive universe that any kind of game is possible to fit in GBF Universe and be big and fun, and my priority in the next few years will be showing this idea to the public.

Galactic Battlefare, Capital Choice (2008)

Disclaimer:  My first idea about a one-man-company name was LAR productions, so you'll see that in the credits. 
Sad Disclaimer: Actually, the game is only in Spanish. After that game, I don't make the same mistake again, I make the games first in English. 
Galactic battlefare, Leen on his fancy cabin

Capital Choice is a 4-5 hours graphic adventure introducing some ideas about the Galactic Battlefare universe. Has two beautiful intro-scenes. One, with a Korinesti (an alien species, not exactly friendly with humans) making an introduction about the state of the galaxy. And other, a strategical introduction about the situation in the Human Space, the begin of a Civil War betwen the disgruntled of the threee factions that historically, the later two hundred years had composed Humanity; The Atlantic Alliance, The Russian Consoritum and the Arabic Union, and now they're not absolutely happy about merging all three factions in the Terran Confederation. 

Galactic Battlefare Introduction sequence

Galactic Battlefare Introduction sequence

Capital Choice's introduction is a good introduction to GBF Universe. After that, you get a small intro about the history of the game itself; a pure cliché. You wake up in a cell without knowing how you are there. Later on, there is no cliché at all. The game is a standard point and click adventure (with some sophisticated interface, diary tab, and four different options of interaction for every object. 
Galactic Battlefare Initial play screen
I spent so much effort scripting the interface and mechanics, making all those crappy graphics (some are better than others (hey, the portraits really talk! ;)), that I forgot to make an interesting long game, so it ends like a small chapter in a saga. Second game was started, in a totally different style (First person graphic-text adventure, more than that in the future).
Galactic Battlefare Leen dreesing
(And all my games have the fun-sexual-related situations that are my signature).

Soon I'll be posting the free download link, for any adventure games lover that also loves new sci-fi universes.

And of course, I'm not going anywhere without posting some Hearts Date Club Bonus Art!
Here you go, a pic from Capri, one of the main characters.
Hearts Date Club, Capri Bonus Art