Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two days relax - Good things come to those who wait

Yesterday I thought. "meh, I can just use two days to launch another silly game like the last one , checking in that fashion more about Google Play discoverability (or whatever), ups and downs, ranking etc.

I thought, "meh, Just a Hot Lander re-skin will work.". A voice in my head told me that Socrates said "Remember, what is unbecoming to do is also unbecoming to say". And I just thought "meh..."

Today I was preparing the cradle for my first-born, that is coming very soon, So I've done 1/3 or 1/2 of all the graphics of the game. I hope tomorrow I have time to retrofit Hot Lander's programming and launch the new silly game.

I'm a long way from making a little money from mobile games, not even finished the first serious game (Hearts Date Club) but It's worth the effort; I just wanna get established a little in the publishing-games-for-little-coins-world to get some real free time to work in "big" (or at least interesting, time consuming to program) PC-Games.

At least I'm happy making a new "kind" of graphics (In the time of the last test of the university I began to make Galactic Battlefare Universe Art, in a different way, but that will be the thing for another day), at least for two days. Let me show you a sneak peek; (It's an extra, nobody interesting, but you can see what other "kind" of theme...

Lil' Bunny character

PS: Some blog-testers says that I have too many images and little text. I always thought that One image is worth more than thousand words... Now the only thing I know is that I don't know nothing (thank you Socrates, again)

Final Thought: While I was in university, the most gaming-creative productive moments were when I have a lot of university work. Now that I ended, I have a real need to put me short-term objectives. The first, this little game in two days. If isn't published on friday, I'll let you slap me on the wrist, ripping me to shreds, tweak my ears, or whatever expression is what I'm really trying to use ;)

After this short entry, I think is dinner time. See you!

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PPS: Is she (photo upthere) is an animal, is she hasn't clothes is a nude? Discuss....