Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Early shots from Strategy Pack 2

I've been busy this year with a lot of work; And I've started working in some other little games. (GBF:Ancient Relics is gonna be a very long on the road work).

I'll bring to you a preview of Strategy Pack 2 models... There are not promotional images, just some previews, but this way you can see how the work is doing around!

Strategy Pack 2 - Trike and Quad

Trikes Minigun Zoom Strategy Pack 2

Here's an example so you can see how Strategy Pack 1 and 2 models blend!:

comparative Strategy Pack 1 and 2

And as premiere, a preview of the animated infantry (there'll be 3 models, Soldier, Sniper and Heavy Infantry). They don't look very shinny in the standard base grey, But are low poly for having a lot of them in game.

I'll keep you posted, I hope not keep it to late... My intentions are to put the product for sale in January tops!


I've got a mail giving me thanks for posting the video about dungeon crawling movement made with PlayMaker, and asking for help in how it's exactly done. In future updates, I'll post a step to step tutorial.

See ya!

7 Years Entertainment

Monday, January 19, 2015

Working in the second row of models!

Lots of work to do! In some areas, It's like I'm snail speed... But the work is goging on. Preparing the second launche of the Strategy Pack: Mobile Infantry (with light vehicles and infantry).

Quad Work In Progress

Still doesnt' have Strategy Pack: Armored Division, or didn't even have a peak?
Strategy Pack 1
Look here!

See ya soon, with more work in progress!

7 Years Entertainment