Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The game that was never meant to be - GBF Games History

After the late and lazy pseudo-release of GBF:Capital Choice (Chapter 1: Escape) in 2008, when I got time again (2011, I was very busy those days), I started the second part of the story, GBF:CC (Chapter 2: Survive!).

A radical change in the scheme, from a point-n-click adventure to a first person graphic text adventure with RPG (survival) components. There is a technical demo (I'll upload it in a near future, along Capital Choice chapter 1).

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Gameplay

Why this game was not meant to be?

-"Hi-quality" pixel art, much better than previous game.
-Engaging "original" (in this age) gameplay.
-All programming made only for this game (non residual code, things made to be efficient).

-Graphics: Too much time consuming for one person, if there are other priorities in the moment
-Programming: I was not an expert; Too long to solve little problems.
-No support/end motivation: Releasing a game this conceptually big for free (no ads, no enough quality (in my opinion those days), without support, and when what I really need to do was focusing in my career, was not motivating enough to bring the game to an end.

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Character Health Changes

A lot of the ideas of the game were pretty good, in my humble opinion. But needed something more.
My personal inspiration was in games like Dune (1992) and other pseudo-modern FP rpg adventures, like B.A.T.

The game was meant to be a survival rpg adventure in a supposedly desert and inhabited planet, fighting to know how to get food and water meanwhile someone is trying to kill you (To know what is this about, you will have to play Capital Choice 1 first). The idea was to get deeper in to the Galactic Battlefare lore and deliver a good sci-fi survival experience.

Galactic Battlefare Capital Choice 2 Inventory & Dressing room

And why I'm talking about a dead project?

Because the idea of doing a  First Person Adventure with the modern tools I dispose (like Unity3d), is very tempting. But better, a totally new Dungeon Crawlling First Person Sci-Fi RPG. (That's a long name).
The idea of using a Eye of the BeholderWhales Voyage mechanic to create a Galactic Battlefare's game that will show most of my universe lore, it's an overwhelming idea.

In next weeks while I finish Hearts Date Club programming I'll be gambling with the factibility of a project like that, more exactly, balancing what will have more probability of factibility; Finishing GBF Pangaia between this or next year, or a First Person Grid-Based Sci-Fi RPG.

Note: You'll see I added a paypal donation button on the sidebar, as well as some (I hope) non-intrusive ads. Currently I have sparse income; Every little help will be very welcome, I'll use any income on the future of releasing PC and mobile Simulation/RPG/Strategy Sci-Fi games.

Thank you!

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