Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FREE MODEL (Heavy Gun) in Asset Store - More Work is Coming

I'm glad to announce you that the "HD Heavy Gun" (very generic name...) is released in the asset store for free, to anyone who needs some "extremeley cheap" gun, 4k tris and textured with love.

What are you waiting for to put it in your project? Click here!! Get it!! Free!!

Free 7YE 3d Model for Unit

Free 3d model for unity

Free 3d model for unity

And now, more or less interesting things:

1. I'm working hard in the modular space pack I told you some weeks ago. It's a big project so I think is going to take some months of daily work (the first weeks of daily work had been tiring)

That's the reason I'm gonna do some paralel work, releasing other little assets (like this free weapon model!).

2. I'm half done with a "components for making strategy scenarios" Asset  that I'll tell you what it is when released, and with lot of beatifull images, And I hope this will be released on the Asset Store in top 2 weeks (I'll finish it in some days and send it to check up at Unity)

3. I'm programming from scratch in PlayMaker a Multitemplate for making hexgrid strategy games of different kinds (It began for my own use but I saw that with multiple tweaks it could have a lot of use for nonprogrammers-playmakers users. 

I Hope if someone is more interested in the Playmaker Multitemplate or the Modular Space Pack Asset to tell me to focus the efforts, 'cause everything is gonna take some time.

Enjoy your free 3d gun!

7 Years Entertainment

Monday, March 7, 2016

Little works between...

It has been three busy weeks working in the new asset, and is gonna be BIG.

To make a pause, this night I'm working to make a little asset for Unity Asset Store, just some HD Sci-Weapon, to experimentate a bit making high poly game assets. The asset will go free or just very cheap. If I release it free, I'll put it in some other portals like to make it broadly avaible. Basic modelling is ready, Next, some poligon reduction, UVmap-it, and still thinking of handapinting or more simple texturing system. In the same time, I'm thinking how to script with the less work possible, lighting effects for the weapon. Here you have a peek!

7ye HD Sci-fi Weapon

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