Friday, June 20, 2014

Advise for Noob App Developers like me - Run rabbit, I mean, Fly, Bunny!!

So, Yesterday I got this silly idea; Make a tap and fly Bunny inspired Hot Lander version.
Well, two days, it's done. I looked over the ranking contraries in Google Apps.

My new game (game, cause is too silly to be called a game), it's called Lil'Bunny Race (Little Bunny Race). So, she flies (my bunny is a girl.. that's a strange phrase), don't run, but well. When you search "Bunny Race" in Google Play, you directly stomp into more than 40 games of Little and Cute bunnies/rabbits running.

Yes, that what they do; Bunnies that run. They run in 2d, horizontal scrolling, vertically scrolling the screen, or run in 3d. They are rabbits, and they run. more than 40 games in the first 60 ranking results.

Ok, you know, infinite run/fly scrollers get famous for Temple Run, Flappy birds, and that sort of things (in mobile, In PC I can only thing of the fantastic, addictive and VERY HARD BIT TRIP RUNNER, (greeeeat game, awesome music).

Then, On trillion Indie developers, little Mobile money maker companies, and just Oportunity squashers, say "Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh come come come we're gonna make a run game of every animal in the f****ng royal animal kingdom!"

And this is the result. Me, personally, Alarconte, not the little company I represent, 7Ye, I just made another silly game (yes, is a re-skin of Hotlander, with the menus more friendly), to check how weekends, ranking, active installs, total installs, etc, affect apps. (And yes, Advertising Networks) 'Cause there is no much information out there. Yes, there is a LOT information out there, but fraking hard to find (And you know why, Gooog..Gosh!).

But I have to fight to be visible among 40 cute little bunnies and rabbits that run and flight to get carrots, moneny or wathever. THERE ARE GOOD GAMES between them, much better than mine. (but well, none of them have a so sexy bunnylady like mine ;)).

What was the point of this dissertation? Make an original game, like I'm doing with Hearts Date Club (A bit of auto-flattering here, I guess). Put it a good name. Don't try to outrank the well established. Make a game that don't have competitors, and all you have left to do is Marketing. More on the practical aspect of this another day, right now, here you have, as promised!!

Click the link to be transported to a happy dimension, with flying carrots and cute furry-ladies!

Lil'Bunny Race

Click the image just to see it in all its glory!
Happy Carrots and Flying Bunny Girls!

And I have to say, I consider this game lot more fun than Hot Lander, and the gameplay is the same. I think I see progress, here...