Thursday, November 20, 2014

Self-funding continues, just about to publish the work!

After one month of modelling, unfolding, texturing, normalmapping, Unitysing, the job is done and the marketing comes.

Trying to select a kind of good untextured way to show off the models. I'm deciding which is better!

Any opinion is well received!

7 Years Entertainment

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The cat is in the bag..... and I was not dead, I was self-funding my projects!

After nearly a month of work I'm about to finish my first little job with exclusive objective of self-funding 7ye and GBF: Ancient Relics. It has been lots, lots of hours and precision work, and as well I'm nearly finishing it, The promo work will began and I'll get to you the best graphic display I can conceive to show the work off.

But I'll give you a very un-obscuring sneak peak!

I think mid next week all will be finished and I can keep going 24/7 with GBF!

See ya, I let you know when the bag's in the river!

7 Years Entertainment