Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Early shots from Strategy Pack 2

I've been busy this year with a lot of work; And I've started working in some other little games. (GBF:Ancient Relics is gonna be a very long on the road work).

I'll bring to you a preview of Strategy Pack 2 models... There are not promotional images, just some previews, but this way you can see how the work is doing around!

Strategy Pack 2 - Trike and Quad

Trikes Minigun Zoom Strategy Pack 2

Here's an example so you can see how Strategy Pack 1 and 2 models blend!:

comparative Strategy Pack 1 and 2

And as premiere, a preview of the animated infantry (there'll be 3 models, Soldier, Sniper and Heavy Infantry). They don't look very shinny in the standard base grey, But are low poly for having a lot of them in game.

I'll keep you posted, I hope not keep it to late... My intentions are to put the product for sale in January tops!


I've got a mail giving me thanks for posting the video about dungeon crawling movement made with PlayMaker, and asking for help in how it's exactly done. In future updates, I'll post a step to step tutorial.

See ya!

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