Sunday, June 8, 2014

A watched pot never boils - Capital Choice (2008)

I'm finishing that temporal priorities that I told you before. Yes, they're are a test. University tests. Exactly, a Philosophy Bioethics test. Yay! 

So the time to sort that stone on the way is two days closer and the right day after (No rest for me.) I'll be starting to end Hearts Date Club's programming.

Not telling you nothing new here, I'm busy, so I'll go direct to the point.

I'm getting some guys to test the first game I made about my Galactic Battlefare universe, to publish it for free here. (a PC Game, a Graphic Adventure!). I made GBF a so expansive universe that any kind of game is possible to fit in GBF Universe and be big and fun, and my priority in the next few years will be showing this idea to the public.

Galactic Battlefare, Capital Choice (2008)

Disclaimer:  My first idea about a one-man-company name was LAR productions, so you'll see that in the credits. 
Sad Disclaimer: Actually, the game is only in Spanish. After that game, I don't make the same mistake again, I make the games first in English. 
Galactic battlefare, Leen on his fancy cabin

Capital Choice is a 4-5 hours graphic adventure introducing some ideas about the Galactic Battlefare universe. Has two beautiful intro-scenes. One, with a Korinesti (an alien species, not exactly friendly with humans) making an introduction about the state of the galaxy. And other, a strategical introduction about the situation in the Human Space, the begin of a Civil War betwen the disgruntled of the threee factions that historically, the later two hundred years had composed Humanity; The Atlantic Alliance, The Russian Consoritum and the Arabic Union, and now they're not absolutely happy about merging all three factions in the Terran Confederation. 

Galactic Battlefare Introduction sequence

Galactic Battlefare Introduction sequence

Capital Choice's introduction is a good introduction to GBF Universe. After that, you get a small intro about the history of the game itself; a pure cliché. You wake up in a cell without knowing how you are there. Later on, there is no cliché at all. The game is a standard point and click adventure (with some sophisticated interface, diary tab, and four different options of interaction for every object. 
Galactic Battlefare Initial play screen
I spent so much effort scripting the interface and mechanics, making all those crappy graphics (some are better than others (hey, the portraits really talk! ;)), that I forgot to make an interesting long game, so it ends like a small chapter in a saga. Second game was started, in a totally different style (First person graphic-text adventure, more than that in the future).
Galactic Battlefare Leen dreesing
(And all my games have the fun-sexual-related situations that are my signature).

Soon I'll be posting the free download link, for any adventure games lover that also loves new sci-fi universes.

And of course, I'm not going anywhere without posting some Hearts Date Club Bonus Art!
Here you go, a pic from Capri, one of the main characters.
Hearts Date Club, Capri Bonus Art