Friday, November 18, 2016

Complete Starships: Dropship is finally out

Well, it has been a long wait.

I don't know why, (maybe Unity Assets Store procuration has a longer Wait List than before), but after 20 days of submission, the first SWI (Starships with interiors) is finally out.

Starship with interior Dropship

This 2 months piece of work comes about the necessity of modern gameplay that starships (or drivable vehicles) need to have interior and exterior.

In "real world" machinery is a nearby common thing (like in cars). But with space stuff is not a very common thing. Is strange to get a FPS seamless experience see a spaceship landed in the ground of a planet and being able to come inside and pilot it (unless is just the cockpit like in cars).

It's more strange to big vehicles to have an interior than just don't seem like a box. I'm talking about a cared interior, configurable and realistic. That's why I've been two months modelling and texturing it, and why there is not a lot (or nearby anything) like quality starships with interiors.

A Dropship is the most common of starships that you can think that will need interior and exterior seamless topology, but the SWI project is to make all kind of sized space vehicles with interiors and exteriors; Next project will be a Freighter. Well, not necessary next project in 7Ye pipeline but next project in SWI development.

I'll can say more, but I'll reserve it to when we'll start the next project; Now I'll let you with the link to the asset store.

PS: I'd like to make a cinematic video to show this model capabilities and the lot of inner animated assets, but with the old PC wasn't possible. Maybe in the soon future. 

Anyway, time to keep working!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Last Unity3d asset about to go out!

It has been two months of hard work in this complete asset!

I'll let you with some images and when is out I'll make a complete report.

The Complete Dropship

The Complete Dropship

The Complete Dropship

I'm sure it will be a great asset for sci-fi game designers!