Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Daz3d G3F Freebie Minoan Female Dress

Random news:
I'm making a line of mostly historically acuratte bronze age minoan (cretean) clothing and environments, first freebie here.

Minoan Dress

Free Download here:

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Friday, January 12, 2018

My'trils are here! - Our catfolk from space in 28mm

After a lot of hours of sculpting here we have the first alien for Galactic Battlefare 28mm miniature wargame, the My'trils!

My'trils are a race of warlike tiger-like hunters, 8 foot tall, fast and strong. This my'tril is a standard navy soldier suited with a Shock Axe (electrified blade) and a Slug gun (a primitive balistic weapon).

My'tril inspiration: My'trils are inspired by most cherised cat-like races from science fiction, like Mr'shan (Master of Orion) or Kilrathi (Wing Commander), but are specially inspired by the Kzinti from  Larry Niven's Known Space books Ringworld. They are similar in style, but unlike Kzinti they have long tails.

My'tril Height comparison

Check them out at shapeways!

I'll complete a Mytril Away Team, and then I'll think if first make some more away teams before starting to publish the game rules, or start right away.

See you!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A complete Away Team

Galactic Battlefare Atlantic Alliance Away Team
We have already six (one of the two variants multipart) figures at sell to make an Away Team for Galactic Battlefare Skirmish game. Next thing are some foes and a basic (free) ruleset. I hope to update you soon! Here you can buy the minis

Galactic Battlefare miniatures

Monday, December 18, 2017

Starting to sell 28mm wargaming figs on Shapeways!

After half year of stealthy videogame programming, and sculpting miniatures for such game, I've started a paralel project that I've always want to: Making physical figures 28mm heroic figures for my own rulebooks (made from ten to five years ago).

Two months of researching about 3d printing and later prototyping, professional resin casting, and other methods, I've uploaded to sell my first 28mm heroic scale high detailed mini in Shapeways.

Alannah first 3d cast painted in shapeways

After having in consideration several ways to produce miniatures (prototyping and resin casting being 1# and still a project to want to do, and I've been casual resin/pewter casting the last 15 years), I thought that I could in my spare time between jobs just upload miniatures and sometime in between upload the rules PDF to understand the game.

Very very happy with the first mini and its painting (yes, it's just a "standard sci-fi human" (with a skimpy jumpsuit)), and the first alien minis that are up to come, And as every time I put to sell a product I'm happy because is a product of hard work and creativity, but always wanted to make Galactic Battlefare universe physical, and is a little start.

Working on a second mini, and hope that in my spare time I'll can upload at lest ten in a pair of months.

In the other way, I'm gonna doing some printable versions of my vehicles already at sell for Unity like the Strategy Packs

Well, after this quick update, I'll continue working, cheers!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Not dead!

We're making a pause of Asset publishing in Unity, and preparing some art and coding for videogames. A tip: