Saturday, September 10, 2016

New line in asset products (SWI) and game working

It has nearby three long weeks working in my last asset for Unity and is yet far from competion... and is "Only a model"!. Not an object per se, has multiple objects with animations included, but when I started the project (by chance, because was an asset I liked to put in the game chasis I'm making the last month.

The model was innovative enough and interesting for 3d model buyers to dedicate good time to make it a commercial product, but now I know why there are a lot (well, I din't find any) of products like this out in the market.

I'll just put out here a pair of pictures of work in progress and say... Oh god, how difficult is to make 2048x2048 detailed textures from interiors and exteriors!

WIP Asset - SWI

WIP Asset - SWI

The SWI line of assets, I hope will be seeing it's first model not later than October.


In other hand of things, I keep programming in free time the new game concept I was working on.

As good news, I'll publish a Tech Demo in the moment is playable (The idea It's a full goal based game but levels will be playable alone).

If after publishing the Tech Demo the game get some attention, that will be a good sign to continue with it!

And now... Go work again to finish 2048px textutre! (and the usual, assure it's good for material changes, good normal maps..

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The ultimate Viking companion Tabletop Figures - Hnefatafl is on!

So the second Tabletop Figures pack has gone live.

This time, Is focused only in the famous Norse boardagme, the Tafl games.

Grab it here!


Three  sets of 3 figures:

Vikings and Giants (or Heads Set)
Swedes and Muscovits (or Body Set)
Good and Evil (or Simple Set)


Eight Boards

Included an eleven pages documentation pdf with History and Rules of the Tafl games!

Some Sketchfabs in 7Ye gallery.

Get Tabletops Figures in Unity Asset Store.


PS: I was going to throw to market a third Tabletop figures pack right now, but get me in the way a cool new project. You'll see soon enought!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tabletop Figures 1 - Ancient, is out!

After some months of stop, this August has been and is being a full-work month.

The new 7Ye Model pack is out and two more are coming. Next asset (Tabletop figures 2, a bit different than first realease, is neaby finished)

The first pack of this series is right now in the Unity Asset Store:

Tabletotop Figures: Ancient


 Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset
(This is kinda hig-res!)

Ancient Tabletop Figures contains a lot of detailed abstract units inspired in four great themes. Take a look at the screenshots and Sketchfabs to glimpse his beatuy!. They can fit easily in strategy games, boardgames, as objects or collectibles. Featuring: Four themed sets of six figures, three gameboards and one floating isle terrain.

Figure Sets

Warrior (3 texture variants),
King and Cave.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Hero and Spiral Tower.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset


King and Tower.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Bear (Polar and brown), 
Lion, Shark-Beast (Mythical-Magical),
Elephant and Mammoth.
Tabletop Figures: Ancient Unity Asset

Boards & Terrain: 
-Floating Isle combat terrain
-Detailed ancient Stone chess 
-Detailed wood hnefatafl (viking chess)
-Casual wood chessboard.

Low poly;
most of them 3k, and more exclusive figures like "kings" and "shamans/queens", 4-5k.

Look at the package:
Launch price 12.99$, fairly cheap for the amount of work put to it! 

More to come this month:

-Two more Tabletop figures, more thematically focused (today I'll upload the next one on Unity, and tomorrow start modelling the third Tabletop Figures pack.

Info about general projects:

-I continuee to improve my scriptings skills, honning my abilities in all the projects I told you about in the lasts posts, and putting my fingers onto procedural generation.

Lots of Thanks to:

All my assets buyers! I'm glad my last package 3d Hex Tiles had a shy but good welcome and I got the first technicall questions to reply and was a nice experience ;)

See you very soon!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

3d Hextiles, Armored division and Mobile Infantry Diorama!

Here you can see a little diorama I made with som of our products ;)

Strategy Pack 1 & 2 with 3d Hex Tiles Diorama

Armored Division:
Mobile Infantry:

7 Years Entertainment

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3d Hex Tiles for Unity is here!

The first real 3d Hexgrid enviroment has come to Unity by the hands of 7Ye.
There is the link to see all the sketchfabs, images, and access to buy:

The pack has complete documentation, full HD textures and beautifull outcomes. Here I drop you some images. Unity Asset Store make it public at some strange hourse in my timeline (11pm), so in the next days I will show you more ;)
3d Hex Tiles

3d Hex Tiles

3d Hex Tiles

3d Hex Tiles

7 Years Entertainment