Friday, May 30, 2014

Sneak Peeks from the past - Finishing Hearts Date Club's Art

Well, that's uncomfortable. When I made this video I thought I was going to work non-stop at least 10 months in my prime project, his name, GBF Pangaia. (More on that in a near future). I made this promo video made with the early engine of my game for a game that is going to release very soon (this time for real, Clash of Gnomes, from Pop Pixel Games). My video has misspells, some quirky placement errors (I made the whole video twitching the game in one afternoon)... But HIITYTS! (Here It Is To You To See!)

And, it's uncomfortable because as I shifted temporally to short-to-do mobile games and got little extra time because of personal issues, I'm not able to deliver the estimated launch date, Fall 2014.

But the good news are... I'm learning a lot to make it even better than I was making it, changing some focus about the graphics, re-imagined the way to make cut-scenes...

Well, talking about changes about a game that you don't nothing doesn't give you any new perspective. But the thing here is... Every choice in the path, every stone in the road make you stop and broad your horizon. The life of the Indie developer can be harsh, at the least, terrible at the worst; But there is always hope for whom how perseveres.

In the bright side of the life, today I finished the last of all high-res graphics for Hearts Date Club. 
In less than 2 weeks I'll have enough spare time to start finishing all the programming. And if I don't have too many problems (fingers crossed)... Well, better not to jinx it.

A gift! This bonus art is.. well, rejected art from the final art. But someone has to see it, isn't it?

Hearts Date Club Bonus Art

Actually I like it a lot, but was too dark for the little part of the mobile's screen where it has to go, so I choose other image.

Don't forget to pay a visit to my comrades of  Pop Pixel Games, I think they'll have great games in the way.

PS: These days a have a Lot, Lot, Lot things to do, my post will grow larger and bolder as I finish disturbing and overwhelming (power overwhelming!) temporal priorities. (and they don't have nothing to do with tachyons)

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