Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hearts Date Club - Hands On

A month from release (estimated, I have some temporal priorities, unfortunately), has 93 high quality 1042x682 screen art pictures. They are mostly about game characters, buildings and improvements. 76 depicts the twelve main characters in various situations/dresses/attitudes. 

And there is a lot, lot of bonus artwork, that will not being released within the game. At least right now, or in the android version (success or searching of opportunities may have me make bigger versions). I'll share with you some of the bonus art. For the real artwork, you'll have to see the game (relax, it will be totally free, no time constrains or compulsive purchases).

This piece of artwork cannot be directly related to the game; It's just a fun wink. She is used like an "extra" in a building, but I've been re-watching certain tv-show and I'd like to take a close capture of her. I call her, in a friendly way, "freckles". I guess asking you who is based on, it's an insult to intelligence :P

Evangeline Hearts Date Club

She's kinda cute, isn't it?