Monday, May 26, 2014

Polite Hello.

Welcome to the Seven Years Entertainment blog, or 7 years entertainment (Here is when ideas and web limitation as the google developer account get in to complications).

I plan to use the blog as platform to talk about, theorycraft, and discuss videogaming in general, but, as money talks, (Everyone needs money to live unless they live in the jungle), to put out here some promotion to the games of our company, 7Ye.

Hearts Date Club Title

A little introduction to our.. "company".

10 years in the past, we started making some little free games, as a hobby. Some graphic adventures, one RTS, one little RPG. They got good story but regular graphics. Making commercial games or making-money games was out of our minds at the money, we got other priorities in mind.

About "We, the people": When I say we I'm referring to me, as the individual res extensa & cogitans called by other people Alarconte (If I post something personal, a reflexion or something, I'll post from Alarconte account), and the other freelancers with I worked together occasionally, usually, or rarely. You'll meet all of them eventually.

Some time ago, get in our hands the primordial engine Unity 3d, a fast way to make quality games. We were in other moment of our life, different than in the past, but we hope that somewhat similar to future moments, that are prepared to meet public expectations and deliver some good digital fun. so Seven Years Entertainment started.


The first half year we started a not-so-big at the beginning but much-bigger later, Adventure-RPG-FPS-3d PC game, housed at the sci-fi opera universe I've been elaborating the past 10 years. (you'll know more in the future, hope not a flying cars future, but a closer one). But we said.. "Hey guys, why don't slow down a bit and bring out first some little games to check things out, meanwhile we're making the big game?" and I said; "Give me the weekend. I'll try to get out a little mobile game with ads and check how it does."

So I made Hot Lander.

Hot Lander Google Play

In 3 days. Well... Okay, with the help of a template. I'm not a dedicated programmer. I'm not a dedicated anything, but a designer. This game, as a game, is a little joke; It was a test of factibility.

And successful. Our prime game is in progress and meanwhile we're making a new, but this time very shinny new game for mobile; Hearts Date Club. You've seen the tittle image at the start of the post, and you know you're a bit interested.

I'll keep posting, you keep reading! (from what movie/tv-show is that? hum...)


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