Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thank you, gamers!

First of all, A big thanks for the hundreds of new players that are taking a peek on a single little game to killing time like is Hot Lander, the first published game by 7ye, made on 3 days.

Second, I encourage you to follow the blog, because good fresh meat is gonna appear soon since the mobile market is doing so well for us; The Release of the beautiful Hearts Date Club is getting dilated in time by the programming of our PC game GBF: Ancient Relics,

GBF: Ancient Relics ingame sequences
(that's deserve a zoom in, shoot it!)

And third, don't waste time and take another peek on the first quality and original mobile game by 7YearsEntertainment, Xtreme King Abdicator . To give you a bone, I'll gift you one of the sequencial storytelling of the game, unreleased to the media. (wow, that's special! :P)

Xtreme King Abdicator, Storytelling sequences
(and that deserves another more yummy zoom... And you haven't seen the more than ten storytelling sequences of XKA)

Beat the dull work of a king in Xtreme King Abdicator to see all the history of the famous or the infamous King you may well be!

And if you liked Hot Lander's gameplay, just play Lil's Bunny Race, a programming spin-off but with more cheerful graphics!

I'm preparing two big updates on the blog and IndieDB about Ancient Relics; Videos with enchanced graphics and showing the impressive Space Charts gameplay, among other things.

See you soon!