Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ancient Relics early alpha features promo trailer! yay!

After the snail speed of the holidays, the first real video showing some basic features of GBF: Ancient Relics is here. (Features of this early alpha build).

We don't have an ace of video edit, so we just did our best to craft this little early trailer, so people can just start to understand the kind of game we are doing here.

For all of you, viewers, here it is:

Summary of features (Complementary with the video):

Two planes of gameplay:

a) First Person squad RPG Dungeon-crawling in retro style in colonies, spaceports, space stations, barren worlds, lush alien planets or ancient tombs, among others things, exploring, questing, combating and treasure hunting. You'll meet hundred of NPCs (One of thing we are getting care is with deep dialogues), and you'll can recruit dozens as your squad companions and crew members of your ship.

Travel by Terran Space and a Little Beyond discovering and trading in an interactive economy where selling and buying different kind of cargo (more than 30 kinds of extracted, gathered, manufactured or only adquired trade goods) can change the resource output of the trade hubs. You'll customize your space frigate with parts bought in differents parts of Terran Space to improve Combat, Trade, Stealth, Exploitation capacities... As well you'll recruit different kind of crewmen to potentiate those different factors (regular crewmen, scientist, cargo heavers, belter specialists, agents, marines...)

Main concepts:

-Deep background, outcome of a RPG setting (Galactic Battlefare) elaborated along more than 8 years of work and growing.

-Nor levels, nor quests, nor items are procedurally generated. Everything in the game is hand-designed to meet the highest quality of RPG design we can get. Our premise is to give a complex game, reminiscent of the RPG's of old, but with easy interface and gameplay.

-The customizable main character (every choice in character creation has a direct impact in conversations and quests) is victim of the battlefare, that meaning being part of a losing party of the Civil War that ends of the settlement of the Terran Confederation, and making him an outlaw. In gameplay terms, that means that the player will have total freedom to roam the playable subsectors looking for fortune and allies.

-In consequence, there is no mandatory questlines or heavy limited ways of travel; It's not a singleplayer sandbox (except for the "trading empire" part), has some major quest lines and a lot of minor ones, but player is free to explore and begin where he feels to.

Alpha stage estimated numbers:

-More than 50 multi-planetary systems to travel, with at least 2 ground scenarios (single or multilevel) per system. (Being them "civilized" (colonies, spaceports), barren/vacuum, wildlands, or "dungeons" (derelict ships, alien tombs, facilities...)
-At least 20 companions to find, recruit, know and combat with.
-30 kinds of cargo
-8 kinds of crew
-Literally hundreds of NPCs. (a Benefit of being them 2d sprites).

Objetive of the game?
-For Questers, there are some major questline involving discover ancient alien treasures and techonologies and resolving some major political plots. 
-For Achievers, there are a lot of secrets to discover, time of year based secret events, and a lot of different kind of treasures and techonology to find.
-We are working on giving a easy but appealing turn tactical based squad combat and a decision based space combat that, along with the rest of the game, will be fun for itself.

More news coming along the development of the game, so stay tunned!

GBF:Ancient Relics boarding pirates
 Watch out for pirate boarding parties!

Every feedback is appreciated! (And yes, the quality of the video composition is amateurish and the sequences selected are WIP, but, again, is only a early alpha features promo).

An as usuall, follow the game in IndiDB!!