Sunday, September 28, 2014

GBF: Ancient Relics - Working in the new Space Combat System

While there is a lot of more things to do (already advanced WIPs) like finishing the tutorial level, improving the space chart and ending other important scripts, I began the crafting of the Space Battles system.

My first idea was just translating the ground turn-based tactic combat to space, but, hell, that was boring and very unappealing. In ground is perfect; But I wanted something more... Galactic Battlefare.

So I got this idea, of a dynamic auto-combat with shifting and tilting cameras, and laser beams everywhere in the screen, lookalike modern space fighters dogfighting, or what the hell, Real dogfight of all times in fiction. The thing is that in one afternoon I scripted the essentials of the systems, seen it in Real Action and said, "That's what I want, let's make it great".

Do you remember the Movement Octopus of Doom System? Of course you don't, was the first thing I scripted for the game.... Anyway, Behold THE DANCING KRAKEN OF SPACE COMBAT system!

Space Battle system sketch

The premise of this Combat system, or, better explained, Battle system, is that the player is the Captain of a relatively big ship (a Frigate), so he has his calls, but doesn't have direct control of the ship. He doesn't have a mind-machine connection that allows him move the ship and point every weapon to their objectives (as in most of the games). The function of the Captain is shouting orders; In gameplay, and exactly in Ancient Relics, the player as a Captain will have this 3 functions:

-Energy Flow (passive selection): Where to administrate the big energy output; Shields, Weapons, or disconnect it for emergency repairs.
-Kind of Target Selection: Determine what kind of enemies are the primary objective for the main weapons (the point defence turrets always shoots fighters or the closer enemy, but other big ships usually doesn't get so close).
-Call Special Actions (Didn't decided yet if every action has its own cool down of there is a general cool down for all actions and you may choose one.

In the video you can view a general idea of the system, with only The Ancient Relic (Player's frigate) and a pirate enemy squadron in the dance.

While writing this, I'm scripting and implementing the point defence turrets and preparing the Managers to take in count more figther squadrons and bigger ships.

Until next time!

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