Thursday, March 2, 2017

Two years of Unity Assets Sales, an statistic light insight (part one)

The first part of this little insight; How many people by language or country has visited our products in the Unity Asset Store the last two years:

By language:
Unity Asset Store visits by language

By Country:

Unity Asset Store visits by country

Visitor Flux:

The main gateway of entry to view my products was the Asset Store itself, 

The 90% of visitors watched one product and left our products.
The 10% left looked another product of our stock.
From this 10%, the half looked a third product, from that half, another half looked a fourth product, and so one.


From an average calculation, in this two years, there has been 1 Sale per 50/200 views.

This is somewhat a very light calculation and in Second part of this analisys I will cover up more the specifics, but I hope this little analysis helps new Asset sellers. 

Keep in touch!

And look to the awesome assets on store! ;)