Wednesday, October 8, 2014

GBF: Ancient Relics - Work in progress Space Combat Camera System

Just want to show you a fast update in the looks of the Dancing Kraken Space Combat system I started scripting this weekend.

This video shows in-action footage of the Space Combat (It's not a cinematic, it's the real combat that allow the player to switch different cameras).

And I'll take the occasion to explain the camera system:

There is three kind of cameras:
1- Tactical view: A free rotation view of your main craft to not miss detail of strategical situation.
2- Allied camera views: Cinematic views from turrets and allied deployables (drones, figthers, deployable turrets) to see the action from their gunners view
3- Enemy camera views: Cinematic views from Fighter squadrons, Enemy turrets, Fighter cockpits, Cruisers launching fighters, Enemy manoeuvre...

The persistent HUD in all views let's you know in all times the state of the battle (Hull/Shield Health, Crew action point generation, and an event messenger that notifies of damaged systems or destroyed ships both in Allied and Enemy side.

In options, you'll be able to select the behaviour of the cam system, and change it to fit your taste.

Manual: No auto-switching of cameras, player use a key to swap between Allied camera views, another key to return to Tactil view, and another to swap between Enemy camera views.

Auto: Starts with Tactical View, and offers a pseudo-cinematic experience switching to other cameras temporarily when an event occurs, to make the player more aware of what is happening in the battlefield (an Enemy Cruiser firing its main weapon, a figther squadron being launched, a turret shoot-view when skirmish starts..). -include manual control-

Total Cinematic: A series of priority events decides what camera see the player, in the most cinematic take the player can have, also representing the confusion of the combat. The Hud and event messenger let you stay aware of all event in the battlefield (except incoming attacks), so a Expert player can almost play in this mode if suits him. In any moment, if the battle get very fiery, can go to manual mode.

Due to the nature of the combat system, an easy combat can be resolved without much player interaction (just change passive modes if the ship needs more repairs, shield generation or may can focus on attack), and some well-minded special action selection, so  even Total Cinematic mode doesn't have to be problematic to win a combat. But Hard combats may require full awareness of the situation and manual mode will better used (Auto can be better for non easily-distracted players, as show dangers when they are produced).

Stay tuned to more updates!

And as always, follow the game most importants updates at indieDB!

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