Sunday, July 27, 2014

GBF Ancient Relics Devdiary #3 - Character Creation and Dialogues.

We have been without publishing three weeks; The reason:

1) Alar is now a daddy. His firstborn is here and have time to him and to work in the game, but not so much to also publish often.

2) Had been working hard in the basic systems in of the game, and make graphics, enough to show you a good video.

I have to write the transcription of the video here, 'cause the english accent is very terrible (I'm sorry for your ears), and I kill two birds in one shot so you can read what I explain in the video if you cannot hear it in the moment.

Some GBF Ancient Relics Art

We'll upload the transcription in another the moment, there is a little baby that need care!

3) Big news here. This game is gonna be Huge, and you'll hear about it. Right now is very alpha, making some basic systems, but I'm proud of the work i'd done 'till now.

Here is the second video of Galactic Battlefare!

 I'll edit this post later on, cheers!